On the run


She was very busy, but as you can see I managed to capture her in due time.
Thanks … Thanks …


Do you like this drawing?

And yes, thanks to all my friends who liked my posts and commented on them. A hearty thanks to you all.

5 thoughts on “On the run

    • Oh really! Well i hope to see your next posts and find some of your drawings outshine on your posts!

      And something i’d like to share with you: I make friends with the characters I draw[Hey, I’m not weird], so I get engrossed in the work likewise and out comes the result. Also depends on my mood though!
      I’ll be waiting for your drawings.


      • Hmmm I might just start posting my drawings 🙂

        As for the making friends with the characters, its the first time I have heard that but its quite interesting. It does depend on the mood I agree.

        I’ll be looking forward to your drawing too 😉


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