Love :) Hate:( & the Number 10 Challenge


My Dear friend, YesterdayAfter Challenged me to put forward a post sharing my Likes and Dislikes. How could I deny? Now I changed the Title of the post so it would fit perfectly.

I’m gonna list 10 things I love, 10 I detest, and challenge further 10 nominees, and blah! blah! blah! okay?Here Goes!

I Love…

  1. To Draw on my Sketchbook pages (Hey, I can do it all day long)
  2. A little Spice in life, surprise
  3. My childhood and past-times
  4. Family Outings
  5. Love (OK without this, the challenge would not exist and the world itself)
  6. America, Japan, Spain (My dream-places)
  7. Playing Games (Windows & PlayStation, Android for pastime)
  8. Being the cause for Someone’s Smile
  9. Being Creative
  10. You all!

I Hate…

  1. When someone’s hurt by me:(
  2. When I fail in exams
  3. People’s “Misjudgment” on me or any other
  4. Rash Driver’s STUPID Cars
  5. People’s attitude of avoiding me
  6. Cop’s Corrupt behavior ( Most of them you’ll find in India)
  7. Hypocrite Leader’s smile
  8. My inability to control fear of ..(don’t wanna expose that)
  9. To witness ill-experiences
  10. When a person’s fundamental rights are Snatched away.

You know me a little better now, folks!

Okay, now the Dear ones I’d like to nominate and know better:

  1. Dan from Blogging the Microblog

  2. AnnMarie from anntogether

  3. Preeti from Toodletales

  4. Bhumi from feeltheobvious

  5. Emma from emmakwall

  6. Magnolia from Magnolia Memories

  7. G! from StrangerwithMemories

  8. Rita from GwenniesGarden

  9. Charlene from CharleneChic

  10. Denny from Denny Sinnoh

If you ask me, I’d tell you “Go Nuts” fill it up, for by this we get to know you more and this way friends are made and friendship is given a new meaning and shape!

19 thoughts on “Love :) Hate:( & the Number 10 Challenge

  1. I hate : injustice, narrow minded people, people who hurt children and animals, loud music,people who think they are better than others, snow, freezing temperatures, traffic jams, nettles and insects ruining my precious plants…………
    I love : animals, children, flowers, travelling, reading,growing my own fruit and veg, nice perfume, jewlery, helping people, the sound of silence……………

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  2. Your listed items proves what most of us already know about you. You Sir Robin, have a kind heart, a generous spirit and will do well in life with those qualities alone, but you’re also talented – so you will do well and I hope always be happy by keeping your terrific spirit with you always 🙂
    annmarie 🙂
    as for the nom – again I thank you for honoring me, kind young man.

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