Death in the Month of Songs


Hello guys!

Just thought I would post a poem, a few lines which I DO NOT own but copied from the PC game “Dishonored”. I enjoyed the lines, hope you do, too!

(The game traces it’s of existence from a longer work, translated from old Serkonan – By Anisa Mateo of Serkonos)

Death in the Month of Songs:

She was shy in the Month of Hearths
Hiding from my scented letters
A sun-dappled cure for my loneliness

She was smiling in the Month of Rain
Eating figs straight from the tree
A dream of sailing around the Isles

She was wed in the Month of Clans
To her sailor cousin from Cullero
A shrill bird, drilling at my chest

She was dying in the Month of Songs
Struck by a disease from the East
A terrible kiss on her distant lips

Tragic, is what the lines define. Provokes any thoughts? Please do share.

19 thoughts on “Death in the Month of Songs

      • Ummm, thanks for the positivity, Miss but honestly speaking, I failed in my college exams:( Hope I’ll get better in my Engineering ones.
        Thanks again, you never cease to unfold the silver linings in any dark cloud!
        Hoping for a bright future.


      • Gosh, so sorry about that – many of us have failed an exam or two – grade averages are not the measure of a man – they only measure hours of real life lost to studying…chin up and focus forward. You’re a good soul and it will all work out for you.
        I’m one of six siblings – my grades were the worst in the group – if we were to compare salaries after college – not to belittle their efforts or their brilliance – my salary became the highest by far –
        not that salary is the measure of a person’s worth either – I’m trying to illustrate my point to give you positive vibes 🙂
        Keep the faith

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m smiling in the light of a new hope to continue onward! ha ha..yes you’re right, your story is kind of.. Bill Gates’s,the person who scored more than him now works in Microsoft!.
        Thanks Miss AnnMarie, I’m sorry if that made you sad.., didn’t intend to. But as for the present time, I’ll share my Engg. scores and I’m sure I won’t disappoint you this time:)
        -robin 🙂


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