Say Hello to Mew-Mew!


Meet my pet, Mew-mews.

Cute, isn’t she? After-all, who doesn’t love cat girls+ chibi combo!

Bite w/o a tooth

She bites! too :0

Supernatural exists!


Wait a moment. You refuse to accept ? Look what I found-now you can’t deny, isn’t it? Hey, just kidding!

Accepting supernatural, magical, lucky thing is just appealing even when our rational mind knows it doesn’t exist! Tricky huh? Okay-let’s jump straight to the artwork-


Fairy-Photoshop CS6

I made everything from scratch to the finishing strokes! Color combinations made me lengthen the process. I hope I’ll present the next one in a few weeks, okay?

Project Reconciliation hits Deviant Art


Project Reconciliation

Reconciliation by Robin

Each one of us have misunderstandings!
Close relations, be it friends, families or siblings witness a moment in their life when they disapprove of each other. Its not important to ask- Well, why? but it is rather more important to ask- Well, what next?

One word, Reconciliation, says it all! It not only brings back the love between them, but also makes their ties strong towards each other.

Then, even in the endless cacophony of the world, words like trust, peace, happiness, care, joy begin to evolve. THIS, is the power of Reconciliation. This, is the power of Love.

This time I wanted my work to convey a meaning and not just art. It took a looong time I know. Leave your expressions in comments!

Link to DA-Project Reconciliation

Cardcaptor Sakura Memories


>Yasashisa no tane [Seeds of Kindness]

from the series:

Cardcaptor Sakura by Clamp

Cardcaptors Christmas Album CD Back Cover

Cardcaptors Christmas Album CD Back Cover

This is a track I personally love because it’s pretty nostalgic. Hearing the song by your favorite anime after a long time really makes you cry tears of happiness!

Super Awesome is here !


Hello folks, this is the very start of my works on Digital Drawings. Sounds cool, right? That’s why i’m trying my luck on DeviantArt! @robinsimpressions

Wish me luck!

Cardcaptor Sakura Blue

For DeviantArt.

Cardcaptor Sakura Pink

For DeviantArt.

I’m going to put this up on Deviant Art, though this may take some time as i’ll be touching some more effects. I’ll let you know soon!

Selling my First Digital Art on DeviantArt ! Wish me luck !


! Hello Friends !

After practicing Photoshop’s tools from beginner level and then mastering great tools, I’ve finally managed to complete my first artwork, which is of-course in remembrance of my Favorite childhood Anime, the one n only, Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptors! With just a few final touches remaining and a little work, I’ll present it to you first, my friends ! and then sell it on DeviantArt@robinsimpressions

So, be ready !

Attack of the Pikachus !!! How many can you handle?


How many can you handle??

This post might be Electrifying ! Pika fans, get geared up…


We’re gonna need many pokeballs to catch them !

Looks like he made a wrong move…>>>An Oops moment !!<<<


I don’t know why i wanted to draw him (Joey) in this awkward pose. Really, I mean it.

And, it’s one of my own creations !

But there’s one thing, “Details”. I tried very hard to add details. I’ve tried some techniques professionals use in their’s. Share your response.!! Lol. It means a lot.

Easy to make Sketches >>Izzy.Everyday.


Manga Faces: Male & Female
Okay. Now there are a couple of things to note:
> The sketch starts by drawing a horizontal and a vertical line (Draw them light, cause they are to be erased).
> Then an egg shape is drawn (that too light). In the fig. its the one with dashed line.(sorry I’ve mismatched some lines, hope you’ll get it right).
> Then starts the eye. Eyes speak much louder so they are worthy of attention. Female eyes are much larger than male eyes. The 2 eyes must have a space of one eye between them.
> Inversely to the eyes , female eyes are adorned with thin and delicate eyebrows and vice-versa …Depth in eye shades and reflections are also appreciated.
> Nose is small & so is the mouth.
> Cheeks are chubby for drawing little kids, teen’s are curved a little, and inverted for aliens !
> Note the inverted wedge-shaped chin. > Draw ears if they are visible. They’re generally c-shaped.
> Hairs. Add considerable volume of hair on the head. A little strands also fall over the eyes. Hairs should be flyaway ( & stylish / your wish). Apply all your skills on this last step.
> Neck is the easiest ( 2 concave curves).
Thanks. That’s all !!!

A Friend like you…


Everyone of us has a friend who touches our lives and influences us in many ways.

We like to be friends with pets ; we like to be friends with nature.

Everyone has a different choice…

Friends Forever!!!
Friends Forever!!!