Tunes for you to hear this Monsoon…


Some songs, which, according to me have the best renditions in this season of rain! Have a pleasant time relishing them as you drift in the presence of the soothing aroma of raindrops!

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For versatility’s sake! Onto the list:

Rain On Me! by Cheryl Cole –



Please Forgive Me by Bryan Adams –



> Forever and For Always by Shania Twain –



> Siberia (a bit wintery) by Back Street Boys –



> Beautiful by Enrique Iglesias –



> My Love by Westlife –



> Wake Me Up When September Ends by Greenday –



> Evergreen by Westlife –



> Guilty by Blue –



> The Flood by Cheryl Cole -Lyrics



Psst! if any errors in lyrics, html coding, songs are witnessed, please inform! Rest,.. enjoy!

Allergic to ‘E’ challenge

Cute Kitty

Dear blogger Waffles nominated me for this unusual challenge: Form a para with no letter “E”.(The originator was Let’s have a look how I can work this out!

My Lin3s (I’m cl3v3r, ha ha..I know I can go on lik3 this for3v3r, but staying tru3 to th3 chall3ng3 now…):

” I find a cat in my room today! I abhor cats, but it’s probably gonna rain so I’ll just adjust now. “Kitty looks poor, may a bowl of milk satisfy its stomach”, I say. As I pass my bowl, It jumps onto my lap! Kitty licks my good old China bowl straight, finishing it thoroughly. I think I don’t want Kitty to go. It’s truly a charm as it looks : as I play my Guitar chords, it licks my arm – that captivating action !!! Its his way of saying- “I am fond of you”. Awww..I’ll in no way want you to go. So I walk across my room to turn my windowsill shut!

Just at that act! ‘Knock-knock-knock’. “Who’s it?”, I think. A small girl of about 9 darts in with a grin and holds small Kitty in a tight hug. That man, plainly: Kitty’s guardian, asks my pardon & thanks my soul for caring for it.

Daddy, his girl & Kitty vanish from my sight but my mind’s not wanting to bid it, no! Kitty was my pal, NO! My world,..but in a flash, it’s lost out of my sight 😦 I will not at all abhor cats, from now on. Ya!. For my charming nostalgia’s good, for Kitty’s good.


So it started as a challenge but eventually I got engrossed into it. And a good story came out of my mind! I got all emotional writing this. Hey Waffles thank you. I think I can make a short Comic Scene on this, what do you think?

The Starlight Blogger Award; a special one:)


Hi! Folks! How are you? Miss Carolina Russo, a blogger, a creative person, a Unique designer and my friend from Italy gifted me with a Unique Starlight Blogger Award! Hat’s off to her creativity. This award’s been made by her and this is the Story behind it.

Nominations Rules:
Nominate your 6 favorite bloggers! In your nominees I would like for you to think at the light emanating from the stars the ones that truly touch your soul with their work, the ones that are the light for you a true STARLIGHT Blogger.

Rules for the STARLIGHT Blogger Award:
Thank the giver and link their Blog to your post.
Answer the 3 original questions and then the 3 new questions from your nominator given to you.
Please Pass the award on to 6 or more other Bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated by you.
Include the logo of the award in a post or on your Blog, please never alter the logo, never change the 3 original questions answer that first then answer the 3 new question from your nominator  and never change the Award rules.

Please don’t delete this note: the design for the STARLIGHT Bloggers Award has been created from YesterdayAfter is a Copyright image you cannot alter or change it in any way just pass it to others that deserve this award.
Copyright 2015 © – Design by Carolina Russo

The 3 Original questions for everyone to answer:

1. If you describe or picture your inner soul how will you describe it?

The color blue: Calm and cool. but don’t underestimate it! It might get a little turbulent at times! Like the mood of the ocean:)

2. What are you working on right now?

Well, Literally nothing. But I plan to Digitize my sketches in the near future, surely! And secondly, exam prep.

3. What is your creative dream project?

Well, as an engineer(or engineering student), I want to reinvent a gadget. But as a Mangaka (or at least), I want to make my first comic, or so.

New Questions For Those Who Accept:(Robin asks-)

1. Why do you prefer WordPress over the other media (twitter, facebook, etc)?

2. What do you expect to see in your Dashboard? Follows, Comments, Pageviews Or just Likes? Why, If I may ask?

3. If you owned WP for a month, what changes would you like to Make? Why? (most would love this question XD)

My Nominees for the starlight award:

Looking forward to your answers!

Congratulations to you!

Are your Eyes betraying you?

Time for Ilusions

Some cool Eye-deceiving Illusions!

It’s Equinox, get geared up for Special Something!


Vernal-Equinox-Seasons-20032014Hello, Guys and Girls !,

I want to tell you that from today, the Days start to get longer ! For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, it is Vernal Equinox and for my friends in Southern Hemisphere, its the moment of Autumnal Equinox. So, happy equinoxes, people!!

Is it real?

Is it real?

3 in a Row!

3 in a Row!

But what’s most interesting is this:

Cosmic balancing act (Can Eggs Stand on their ends ?)

The egg being the most literal and obvious of all fertility symbols, ancient eggish customs survive not only in the form of egg rolling and Easter egg hunts, but also in the quaint superstitious belief, most often attributed to the Chinese, that you can stand raw eggs on end on the first day of spring. Apparently this derives from the notion that due to the sun’s equidistant position between the poles of the earth at the time of the equinox, special gravitational forces apply.

…source:Urban Legends

Super Awesome is here !


Hello folks, this is the very start of my works on Digital Drawings. Sounds cool, right? That’s why i’m trying my luck on DeviantArt! @robinsimpressions

Wish me luck!

Cardcaptor Sakura Blue

For DeviantArt.

Cardcaptor Sakura Pink

For DeviantArt.

I’m going to put this up on Deviant Art, though this may take some time as i’ll be touching some more effects. I’ll let you know soon!

Day 5: Keeping up with the Promises !

Fresh blue Celestial Expanse after Rain

Thank you God for sending rain and painting the sky a deeper shade of blue !

And finally love to all my fellow bloggers who wished me well and encouraging me ! My inspirations were some amazing bloggers on WordPress!

Lovely Palms!

Lovely Palms!

Emotional post

You can see a kite if you observe carefully. Trees have to suffer so much!

Thanks to Rita Faes, Dan, Izzy, Rin Sae…and some new friends- Arria Cross, Denny Sinnoh and all my friends!

Day 4: It’s Raining! It’s Raining!


And i forgot to take along my camera. How sad that was…

Anyway, have a look. I had difficulty choosing among the two.

Rays of light

Rays of light


Day 3: Letting my imaginations fly !


tree in focus

Way to the sky

Day 1: Accepting the Challenge


Grayscale Rose


I thought, “why not start from my own place?”. So here it is…A Rose