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Manga Faces: Male & Female
Okay. Now there are a couple of things to note:
> The sketch starts by drawing a horizontal and a vertical line (Draw them light, cause they are to be erased).
> Then an egg shape is drawn (that too light). In the fig. its the one with dashed line.(sorry I’ve mismatched some lines, hope you’ll get it right).
> Then starts the eye. Eyes speak much louder so they are worthy of attention. Female eyes are much larger than male eyes. The 2 eyes must have a space of one eye between them.
> Inversely to the eyes , female eyes are adorned with thin and delicate eyebrows and vice-versa …Depth in eye shades and reflections are also appreciated.
> Nose is small & so is the mouth.
> Cheeks are chubby for drawing little kids, teen’s are curved a little, and inverted for aliens !
> Note the inverted wedge-shaped chin. > Draw ears if they are visible. They’re generally c-shaped.
> Hairs. Add considerable volume of hair on the head. A little strands also fall over the eyes. Hairs should be flyaway ( & stylish / your wish). Apply all your skills on this last step.
> Neck is the easiest ( 2 concave curves).
Thanks. That’s all !!!