Then 50 +F and NOW 53+F ! Thanks:)


Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Thanks to all my followers again, for making me achieve this moment! You guys just amaze me EVERYDAY! 🙂

So a Warm welcome

I consider it +Love rather than +Follows, and you as Friends instead of Followers. Humble thanks:)

Welcome New Followers!


Hello Everyone!

My freshest followers this week were more compared to the past week’s: You can have a look at their blog or say “cheers” if you know them already:)

  1. Himali Shah
  2. Yoshiko
  3. Malvika
  4. Alok Singhal
  5. Wendy L. Macdonald
  6. poetryandchocolateandbooks
  7. AdiC

We have our uniqueness in this diverse world! Lets explore them:)

Love to all my +Followers. Have a nice weekend!