Hello lovers, just hit a Milestone!


Thanks for loving robinsimpressions more and more. I was away from WP for a good 3 days and I see that, I hit a milestone of having 61 Friends in my Community! Thanks for your love, it’s just what keeps me going. Besides, sorry for not interacting with you folks!

I welcome:

Have a Grand experience @ robinsimpressions! Love you guys:)

Then 50 +F and NOW 53+F ! Thanks:)


Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Thanks to all my followers again, for making me achieve this moment! You guys just amaze me EVERYDAY! 🙂

So a Warm welcome

I consider it +Love rather than +Follows, and you as Friends instead of Followers. Humble thanks:)

Welcome New Followers!


Hello Everyone!

My freshest followers this week were more compared to the past week’s: You can have a look at their blog or say “cheers” if you know them already:)

  1. Himali Shah
  2. Yoshiko
  3. Malvika
  4. Alok Singhal
  5. Wendy L. Macdonald
  6. poetryandchocolateandbooks
  7. AdiC

We have our uniqueness in this diverse world! Lets explore them:)

Love to all my +Followers. Have a nice weekend!

Today was worth a post!


Double centuries!

Double Century!

200 likes! That’s not a bad number I guess. Thank you! (Humble Bows)

And a warm welcome to my new +Friends

You can visit their Blogs for surprises!

Was a good reason to post!:)

Have a Great Day! Don’t forget to have some Tea. And Keep Smiling!

Missed me, Dear Friends? It felt like Forever



Thanks to you my stats still hit sizable views, I was like YES!!! my Friends haven’t forgotten me. I love you all! (Missed you all soooo much…)

Sorry for not posting as frequently as I should have. My Bad. I had exams recently and they are ending, tomorrow being the last paper.

Also I’d like to mention that tomorrow I’ll be posting a Fa…-Shhh..Surprise! After that I’ve updated my sketchbook with several new sketches. I wish I could Paint them all via Photoshop in a single day and present them to you, but time won’t allow that. 

I also see some new +Follows in the notification bar which is now flooded with comments and likes, love that! A warm welcome to all of you-YesterdayAfter, Preeti, Bhumi, Ahava. I hope you like my cute posts and enjoy yourselves. Happy Day:)

-Robin @robinsimpressions

Happy Earth Day Everyone. Take a chance at the Quiz.


Google’s celebrating Earth Day and here’s the link to quiz yourself on “Which Animal are you?” by Google.

I was named Komodo Dragon. The line said:You have an appetite for life – as well as the ability to swallow an entire goat.

Thanks Google!

By Google

By Google

Sorry to all my friends for not posting as often as I should. Pardon me! I’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.:) Till then, enjoy your day!

Say hello !! :)


I’ve seen people getting in the creative part, even to say ‘hello’ to their buddies, friends, amigos. Cheers to that !
Hi, Hola, Konni-chi-wa are a few ways to express. Do you say something more ? Or have a unique way to address someone special? Comment right away.

This is a scheduled post.

Have a suggestion or two in mind? Speak it out!


> Tick here or visit my Homepage.

> Look up “Polls” Section.

> Tick the option(You can select one or more option OR write your own suggestion if your idea is not listed).

> Cast your vote!

Your feedback means a lot to me ! Thanks !