Are your Eyes betraying you?

Time for Ilusions

Some cool Eye-deceiving Illusions!

More than meets the eye >Time for Illusions!


Illusion time !!

I thought, i’d do something different today. So here it is ! Enjoy!

1. Swirl

Look at the swirl without losing track of the curve.


Can you look at the swirl without losing track of the curve? No?

This is certainly not possible ! Let’s head on to the next one!

2. Read the Sign !

Come on, this ain’t that hard OR is it? Check it out!

Any mistake?

Any mistake?

You probably read the sentence ” I love Paris in the springtime”. Whereas it says “I love Paris in the the springtime”!

Hey, don’t be sad. Our mind is adaptive to reading signs, and know what? It doesn’t bother to read the whole sentence.

3. Zoom Circle.

Look at the center point of the image. Move your face closer to and farther from your screen. What do you see? The rings rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise. Fun is it ?

Freaking what?!!

Spooky Circle!

4. Wavy Blanket

Hover your cursor over the image and follow the cursor with your eyes. Impressive? No. Super Impressive !! Right?

Waves Illusion.

Waves Illusion.

Enjoyed ? Share your thoughts. See you again @robinsimpressions !