Say Hello to Mew-Mew!


Meet my pet, Mew-mews.

Cute, isn’t she? After-all, who doesn’t love cat girls+ chibi combo!

Bite w/o a tooth

She bites! too :0

Looks like he made a wrong move…>>>An Oops moment !!<<<


I don’t know why i wanted to draw him (Joey) in this awkward pose. Really, I mean it.

And, it’s one of my own creations !

But there’s one thing, “Details”. I tried very hard to add details. I’ve tried some techniques professionals use in their’s. Share your response.!! Lol. It means a lot.

On the run


She was very busy, but as you can see I managed to capture her in due time.
Thanks … Thanks …


Do you like this drawing?

And yes, thanks to all my friends who liked my posts and commented on them. A hearty thanks to you all.

Here’s an example…


Manga eye drawings …


Male and female eyes

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